Wine of Fire

Wine of Fire

We are proud to offer one of our favourite products, the most amazing sparkling wine you have ever seen, Wine of Fire. Following our principles we are not producing a generic sparkling wine but something that will capture your imagination whether it be on a night out, a birthday, wedding or special occasion.

Available in five colours;

  • Silver/Glaciar
  • Gold/Fortune
  • Blue/Sky
  • Pink/Rosee
  • Orange/Vulcano

The crisp and sweet Spanish Airen grapes we use at Mr Spain give each bottle of Wine of Fire the same soft flavour although the Pink/Rosee has a sweeter finish and the Blue/Sky retains a blue colour.

Alcohol content for Wine of Fire is 11% volume.

Wine of Fire gets its unique movement from the inclusion of crystalised fruit juice which does not affect the taste but produces a mesmerising visual effect that sets Mr Spain’s Wine of Fire apart from any standard sparkling wine.

Tasting Notes

Produced in the Andalucía region of Southern Spain, Wine of Fire uses the juiciest Airen grapes in its production except for the “Rosee” in which we use Tempranillo Grapes.

Using a combination of chilled and bottle fermentations in the production process it ensures that Wine of Fire has a delicate feel in the mouth and a crisp texture.

The unique visual effect of Wine of Fire is achieved by the addition of a secret mix of tasteless sulfites and crystallised fruit juices.

With primary aromas including citrus and vanilla the low tannin level and acidity ensure a pleasing body and smooth finish.

With its crisp and fruity taste, Wine of Fire is easy to drink whether socially or as a food pairing. It is a perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken, pasta or cheese dishes and compliments deserts and cheeseboards.

Available in five different varieties; Sky (Blue), Vulcano (Orange), Glacier (Silver), Fortune (Gold) and a Rosee (Pink) variety it is always guaranteed to add a little colour and magic to any occasion, party or as a gift.

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